Home Made Remedy To Stay Young & Strong


The Home Made Remedy to Stay Healthy, Strong, and Young

home made remedy


                                 The home made remedy to look 25 years of age when you are 45  

Our kitchen is the best source for most body ailments, like our ancestors, we have all the hidden remedies that could help to stop or control most of the problems that our body faces in today’s stressful times.
 You Must try this magical home made remedy.
If you are Calcium deficient, you feel tired soon, you suffer from lack of sleep, pain in joints, backache, hair fall or you feel you are aging this is the best solution for all your problems.
It has calcium, zinc, and magnesium which will make you feel younger.
It increases immunity in our body.
Let me tell you how.
A handful of Almonds – Almonds are full of zinc, calcium, magnesium, and copper which makes our bones the calcium and oil that our bones need. It makes our aging better.
Walnut – A handful of walnut. It has Omega 3 acid which fights our heart problem.
Makhana (Lotus Seeds) -Take a handful of Makhana. It cures bones, skin problems, and hair problems, and helps to make our hearts work properly.
Nariyal (Dry Coconut) – Take a small bowl of Nariyal cut into small pieces. It cures anemia and tiredness. It helps our RBC to make blood and cure bones.
Jaggery (Gudh) – Jaggery small bowl cut into pieces. It helps in digestion and detoxifies our body. It has minerals, zinc, and selenium, it has everything that helps us in anti-aging.
Khus Khus(Poppy seeds) – A small bowl of seeds. It’s a pain killer, if you have joint pains, backache, sleep disorders or you feel tired… it is very good to take these.
Saunf (Fennel seeds) -Take a small bowl of Fennel seeds. It is good for our stomachs. it regulates our stomach. It regulates our BP purifies our blood and controls acne problems.
Now take these and add them to a grinder and make a fine powder.
Take it with warm milk. Add 1 spoon of this mixture to a glass of warm milk. Keep in covered for 5 minutes. The milk will soak it and it will be more effective for you. Now mix it properly.
Drink it once at night for 15 to 20 days regularly.
This will work like magic for You.
Note – Drink it 1 hour before sleeping or 1 and a half hours after your dinner.
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