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Take out the Cream  ( which is a thick liquid that is produced after we boil milk and cool it for some time, then it can be separated from the milk ) from the milk and keep storing it in a container in the refrigerator. Once you get the quantity of 1 medium-sized serving bowl it is ready to be  converted into (clarified butter )

Take a heavy pan and add the cream to it. Keep it on a high flame while stirring it continuously. After 5 minutes you will see the cream will start leaving the sides of the pan and start melting. 

Keep stirring it throughout the process. After 5 minutes you will notice some light brown residue which we call paneer. Keep stirring it till it gets light brown with a yellowish color. You will notice froth coming on it which means it’s ready. Turn off the flame and wait for it to cool down.

Then strain the paneer and keep it aside and your ghee is ready.

We will use this paneer in our next recipe

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